Going Digital. 

Alegria Family Services and New Mexico Digital are proud to announce a partnership to assist Waiver agencies in taking their documentation digital. Toward that end, Alegria Family Services and New Mexico Digital can now offer help to you in the following ways:


·         Access all your documentation on any individual using any internet device -- any time, any place.


·         Review at a glance the status of all documentation of all individuals on your caseload. Know by a color-coded, automatic updating Matrix whether your documentation is current.


·         Have your information automatically monitored and its status updated automatically.


·         Receive automatic reminders about important dates for each of your individuals


·         Receive automatic reminders of due dates for documentation you must create


·         Have automatic reminders sent to those whose documentation you require


·         Receive all documentation, including faxes, as emails with attachments


·         Archive your files annually in less than a minute!    REALLY!


·         Know that your important files are backed up in several ways and CANNOT be lost


·         Have all internet devices encoded so that, even if lost, no confidential information will

fall into the wrong hands.


·         Have all your important computer/internet equipment monitored and maintained for peak performance



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